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189 – TWT: Four Signs Of Gut Problems And How To Solve Them

189 – Four Signs Of Gut Problems And How To Solve Them

🥗 FACTS – Every health-based issue you face starts in the gut.

🥗 The gut allows everything to happen in your body because it breaks down food, and that food becomes you. You are what you eat.

🥗 Our bodies are complicated entities. Many medications just mask symptoms, but they do not get to the root problem. You have to learn how to rebalance your gut to prevent the problem from resurfacing.

🥗 To transform your body from within, you have to start with the gut. Any gut health problem that you have typically falls into one of four categories. Once you understand the issue you are facing, you can begin to heal.

🥗 Today on #Training&WellnessThursday, I’m going to talk about the four main gut problems that many people face, the consequences of a weak digestive system, and how to rebalance your body starting with a healthy gut.

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