Sheila strong

Sheila created the Metabolic Method because she understands that finding the time to focus on your health can seem almost impossible. Add to the fact that our metabolism and hormones change so much after having kids and we are constantly bombarded with fads, gimmicks, and the next big solution, figuring out what to do can seem overwhelming. Being a mom of 4 wonderful girls herself, over 13 years of working as a Kinesiologist and personal trainer, operating her own private health and wellness studios, being a former college and professional athlete, it became Sheila’s mission to start changing conversations around being a mom and building an amazing body you are proud of.

After having her 3rd daughter and turning 40, Sheila noticed her metabolism and body changed a lot. She no longer felt good in her skin and really wanted to feel like her best self again. Sheila found it frustrating that we are led to believe that if you are a mom or you are over 40 it is all down hill from there and no longer possible to have any amazing body that you feel proud of.

This inspired Sheila to create the Metabolic Method. This protocol is this exact method she used to restore her metabolism, build her best body, and sustain it after having 4 daughters. (Who are 7, 5, 3, and under 1). She has also successfully taken over 500 hundred moms through this personalized protocol and has made it her mission to teach you that with a clear plan, you are in complete control of fixing your metabolism, and building an amazing body, and sustaining it!