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NO Counting Calories, NO Cardio, NO Shakes And NO Feeling Hungry Or Tired All The Time

The 21-Day ‘SHAPE UP’ Challenge
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✔︎ Create a REAL and PERMANENT lifestyle shift that is easy to maintain AND enjoyable… In just 20 minutes per day

✔︎ Sculpt, tone, lift and build your “key areas” like your booty, abs, legs and arms with exercises you can do from the comfort of your home… Regardless of your fitness level

✔︎ PERMANENTLY eliminate limiting beliefs about yourself and shift your self image once and for all with battle-tested mindset training

✔︎ Hit the “reset” button on your metabolism (even if you’re in your 30s, 40s or 50s) so your body burns fat all day long without having to starve yourself to sleep or eat “clean” all the time

✔︎ Improve posture and boost confidence with functional training and stretching exercises designed specifically for women (after decades of helping thousands)

✔︎ Increase your energy levels and get rid of nagging migraines that come as a result of the WRONG or NO training plan

✔︎ Experience NOTICEABLE results in how you look and feel, without sacrificing on family time

✔︎ And so much more…

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Backed By Scientific Principles That Have Helped Thousands Of Busy Moms Get Results Just Like These…

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You’re About To Discover How To STEP Into A More Confident, Toned And Energized YOU!

How would it feel to come out of this quarantine with 11 pounds erased from your tummy, and inches gone from your waist…

Or feeling confident in your skin again because you can finally put yourself FIRST without the constant mom guilt.

On this page, I’m about to let you in on the exact protocol…

That has allowed thousands of busy moms to shape, tone and sculpt their bodies with just 20 minutes per day…

And see noticeable results in as little as 21 days, without…

And if you read the rest of this page, not only will you discover exactly how this protocol works…

But you’ll also get the chance to begin using it TODAY to reset your metabolism…

Increase your energy levels…

Put an end to the constant back in forth of going between your skinny jeans… And your baggy mom clothes…

And finally LOOK and FEEL good in your skin again, without feeling overwhelmed all the time.

But first, I need to confess something most moms just don’t know…

Your Metabolism Is Getting Slower And Slower Every Month!

Meaning your body burns less calories, making it harder and harder for you to lose weight.

Hi! I’m Sheila Strong, America’s #1 metabolism and fit lifestyle expert…

And after working with thousands of women over the last 13 years who’ve struggled with their waistlines for longer than they can remember…

I’ve discovered the biggest reason busy moms and women with stressful careers aren’t able to lose the pudge…

No matter how hard they exercise or how “clean” they eat.

And it’s not a lack of motivation…

Or a lack of hydration…

Or because you’re not running for long enough.

So, what is causing all this unnecessary weight gain?

It’s actually quite simple:

It all comes down to HOW old your metabolism is!

You see, just like we have a biological age…

Your metabolism also has a clock of its own.

And while many women may say they’re in their 30s or 40s…

Their metabolism is actually WAY older. Why?

Well, what I’m about to say may shock you…

But it’s actually the EXACT things the fitness industry has been telling you to do…

That is aging your metabolism faster than you know it!

It’s things like…

Cutting carbs/calories
Doing cardio
And eating small meals every 2-3 hours

Or worse yet, NOT doing anything at all because you feel so overwhelmed with all the information out there…

And you’re too busy to find what’s actually RIGHT!

The bad news is, ignoring it won’t solve the problem…

In fact, it’ll only make it worse, making it harder and harder for you to lose the pudge as the days go by.

However, there is a way you can reset your metabolism, and erase decades from it’s age

And you’ll be SHOCKED at how quickly you’ll see results the moment you realize you can…

Reset Your Metabolism From Home… In ONLY 20 Minutes Per Day!

When you realize that the key to looking and feeling confident in your body again takes less than 20 minutes per day…

You’ll be relieved at how EASY to get back in a body an shape you can feel CONFIDENT in really is!

And once you get your hands on the protocol that took me years to develop…

You’ll find it impossible to go back to the ‘old way’ you’ve been doing all along.

As I studied it more and more, I realized ANY busy mom could do this without spending…

And without feeling hungry, tired or cravings snacks all day.

The crazy thing was, when I tried this protocol on a few busy moms in my Sheila Strong Facebook Community

I discovered that it really only takes 21 days to experience noticeable and lasting results!

That’s exactly why…

Past Participants Lost An  Average Of 8-12 Pounds!

See Full Disclaimer Below. Results are not typical and vary by individual. These are real client results.

If You NEVER Have The Time To Put Yourself… Or You’ve Been “Yo-yoing” For Longer Than You Can Remember… THIS Is For You!

I realize that this is the sad reality for so many women…

Which is why I’ve dedicated well over a decade of my life to cracking the code to sustainable, effective and simple fat loss for women.

✔︎ If you’re sick and tired of feeling let down by crash diets, intense workouts or trainers that don’t deliver

✔︎ If you want the shortcut to reigniting your metabolism that only takes 20-minutes or less per day, so you can feel confident in your body again

✔︎ If you’ve hit a plateau, or you’ve been “yo-yoing” for longer than you can remember

✔︎ If you just can’t seem to lose the last 10 pounds… Or maybe you’ve been stuck at this weight for longer than you can remember.

✔︎ If you don’t have a lot of time to cook or train at the gym every day and want something you can do from the comfort of your home and that’s easy to follow…

I’ve Created The World’s ONLY 21-Day Challenge Designed To Shape Your Body AND Reset Your Metabolism In Just 20 Minutes Per Day!

The 21-Day ‘SHAPE UP’ Challenge isn’t like anything you’ve tried before… And is the LAST and ONLY program you’ll ever need to create lasting change in the way you look, how you feel….

But most importantly how you show up for your kids and family every day.

This isn’t a “quick-fix” training program or a hardcore bootcamp that isn’t realistic for your busy life…

I created this to give you principles based in science and thousands of REAL transformations from busy moms just like you….

So you can create a real lifestyle shift that is easy to maintain and not only lose the weight…

But actually keep it off for the years to come.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join The 21-Day ‘SHAPE UP’ Challenge Today:


Every day for 21 days, you’ll get a NEW 20-minute SHAPE UP workout sent straight to your inbox, created to reset your metabolism while sculpting, toning and shaping your KEY areas… Like your booty, thighs and abs. These only take 20-minutes and can be done from your living room! Week ONE is all about building your strong foundation and reseting your metabolism.


One you’ve hit the “reset” button on your metabolism in week ONE, week TWO will focus on sculpting and toning your abs, legs, booty and arms, to give you a younger, more athletic look. The workouts will still be only 20-minutes long and are specifically designed to build lean muscle in the key areas.


Now that we have your metabolism fully revved up, the last week of the challenge will focus on optimizing fat burn throughout the day to help you lose up to 11 pounds by the end of the challenge! This phase is when most participants burn the most fat because of all the momentum they have, and when you can look back and see how far you’ve come in only 21 days!


Every day, I’ll personally check in our private Facebook Community to see how your progress is going, and to keep you motivated with new tips. PLUS, you’ll be able to ask me any question about training, hormones, nutrition and life you may have for the entirety of the challenge! This is usually reserved for my private clients who pay me up to $500 per month to work with me, but you’re getting this as part of the challenge when you sign up on this page.


When you join the challenge today on this page, you’re also going to get your hands on the time saving cheatsheet that has been the secret weapon for so many women who’ve completed the challenge, because it eliminates all doubts, confusion and overwhelm! Here’s how it works: I’ll give you your workout for every single day, and you just have to put it into your 21-Day Challenge Calendar and implement it! And if you ever miss a day, don’t beat yourself up: Just pick back up where you left off the next day.

​​CHANCE TO WIN $1,000!

Now I know having personal access to me as well as access to a community of thousands of other women will be MORE THAN enough to keep you motivated for the next 21 days… But I’m always looking for ways to give you that extra bit of leverage so you not only get good results, but a total body transformation! That’s why at the end of the challenge, I’m personally going to PayPal $1,000 to the best before and after transformation, as well as other prizes for the top 3 transformations!


While the 21-Day Challenge is all you really need to sculpt, tone and build up your “key areas” like your booty, legs, and abs, I wanted to throw in something extra for those of you who want to GIVE IT YOUR ALL and maximize your results over the next 21 days… And there’s really nothing like my 5-minute booty finishers which my personal clients use to add inches to there booty in a matter of weeks. Give them a try and thank me later. 🙂


It’s one thing to transform your body in 21 days… And frankly anyone can lose weight quickly with the right program. The key is, however to actually keep it off for good! After working with thousands of women, I’ve discovered that the biggest reason most gain the weight back has nothing to do with their training routine or what they eat… And EVERYTHING to do with their mindset! That’s why I’m going to give you lifetime access to the same mindset library I use for my clients who pay me upwards of $500 per month to train with me… So you can permanently transform the way you see yourself, and the way you look for GOOD.

Now the 21-Day Challenge usually goes for $147…

But when you sign up and save your spot TODAY,  you’ll get EVERYTHING for…


ONLY $21!

NO subscriptions or monthly charges.

But Sheila, Wait! Why is this ONLY $21!?

Because my mission is to put this in the hands of as many busy moms and career-driven women as possible, and I don’t want your budget to hold you back from feeling confident in your body again. However, the 21-day challenge won’t remain discounted for long, and I’ll bring the price back to the original price soon.

Transform Your Body In 21 Days Or Your Money Back!

If you show up every day and do the work you’ll come out lighter, healthier, stronger and a more confident you! And if you don’t, then you can send me an email with proof that you stepped up everyday and I’ll gladly refund every penny. Pretty simple. But if you’re like hundreds of past women, this experience will transform your health, your body and your life!

Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews From Past Challenges

This Challenge Works For ANY BUSY MOM Over 30 Who’s Ready To Finally Put Themselves!

About Your Coach, Sheila Strong

Sheila Townsend (ask Sheila Strong) is a Mother of 3, a Exercise Kinesiologist and Womens Fat Loss Expert. She is the owner of Prime Personal Training, one of the largest personal training and wellness teams in Vancouver, Canada.

With over 10 years of professional experience in the fitness and wellness industry and a former professional basketball player, Sheila is most famous for simplifying womens (especially moms) weight loss and empowering them to STEP UP and be the healthy and strong women they are meant to be.

Sheila loves to empower women to get their health and body back – even when they didn’t think it was possible – and now she is on a mission to share her proven Step Up to Shape Up Method and see more women transform their lives in a major way!


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